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Come Discover Roatan

Discover Roatan


Magic Island

Roatan is a island in the Caribbean, about 65 kilometers (40 miles) off the norther coast of Honduras. It is located between the islands of Utila and Guanaja and is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras. The island is approximately 77 kilometers (48 miles) long and less than 8 kilometers (5 miles) across at it's widest point.

  • English and Spanish are the two most primarily spoken languages.
  • USD or Honduran Lempiras are the accepted currency.

Roatan is world famous amongst Scuba Divers and Snorkelers as like, as the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef surrounding the island attracts beautiful tropical fish. Sea turtles, dolphins, sting rays, spotted eagle rays and even whale sharks swim in the warm tropical waters of Roatan.

Roatan Weather

The weather on Roatan is warm, the beaches are beautiful and the water clarity makes for some amazing under water photography opportunities. The island is lush and mountainous, with a vide variety of flora and fauna. The local culture on the Roatan is vast considering the small size of the island. Island tours are highly recommended and are given by local guides daily. You can see the entire island in a day and still be back for sunset and a cocktail! Take a boat tour through the mangroves in Jonesville, enjoy an island lunch and watch the dancers in Punta Gorda, take in the splendor of an unspoiled, natural beach in Camp Bay and snorkel the Mesoamercian Barrier Reef anywhere on the island !

Seasonal Weather
Roatan sees mostly warm sunny weather on the island with the average daily temperature being 84 degrees fareinheit. The island does experience a 'Rain Season' from October - February.
The most rain will fall during October and November, but the island will still see warm and sunny days in between.
Scuba Diving is still possible during much of the rain season, don't let the weather deter you !